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Its time to restore revive and thrive through the empower women? As a survivor now victor over domestic abuse I know first hand of how hard it is to let go of shame and guilt. Our voices matter and so do our stories. I am on a mission to show other women how to break this cycle first by sharing life lessons and strategies in my book Daring to Love and now by hosting empowerment sessions parties. In my book “Daring to Love” I not only share the peaks and valleys of my life but if you do the work in each chapter you will be able to get empowered and free yourself too. The first zoom empowerment session party will be held June 27th 2020 at 6pm eastern time. You will receive your invite via email when you order your autographed copy of Daring to love.

Want to host your own private zoom empowerment session party with me as the co-host? Contact us today at -

Will you join me in the fight to help empower domestic violence survivors turn to victors today. Share this post, share Daring to love, we all need a breakthrough

#Daring to Love

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