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Brokenness: A Universal Language

My body was the source of many inflections, thus leading to feelings of rejection and unworthiness. I set low expectations for others and sadly lower expectations for myself to avoid disappointments. The disconnection between my spirit and body kept me in a divided state, completely out of line with my true self.  

As I continue to share my struggles with secrets shame and lies in life, I am realizing more and more that each person has their own Giant to conquer. My encounters with all forms of abuse at the time felt unbearable but underneath the layers of basic survival was my innate ability to build spiritual and resiliency muscles.  My spirituality has allowed me to see God's Grace and Favor on my life.  I can now view my universal brokenness as a beautiful reflection of compassion, empathy and love. Brokenness is a universal language, I am not alone on this journey to find peace and joy and neither are you.  Your are not alone. When you come face to face with your past denials you will need tools to help you climb to the mountain of truth. Once you get there stay there don't start sliding back down the mountain of memory lane for a guilty or pity party. One of the things I did to help me stay on top of the brokenness mountain was to completely change my perspective. Today I view my brokenness this way;

My brokenness doesn't define me it refines me

My brokenness helps to make me resilient My brokenness brings out the courage inside of me

My brokenness makes me to stay kind

My brokenness keeps me humble

My brokenness keeps me closest to God

My brokenness makes me want to empower others still in pain

My brokenness is so very beautiful to me! What are you saying about your Brokenness? What strategies are you using to change your perspective about brokenness? Or do you just bury pain and act like it never happen, that was my go to choice but no longer. Don't ever be afraid or ashamed to seek professional support, they can actually help you uncover unresolved buried pain that is manifesting in your disconnection.

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