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I'm happy to be the host of the Making Moves Monday segment on the Jekalyn Carr Family Show where we don't stay stuck, stagnated, or paralyzed by fear but we keep moving to the next best version of ourselves.

The weekly motivational segment is on the 6X-Stellar Awarding Winning and #1 U.S Gospel Radio Station, Praise 102.5 and, the goal is to inspire the millions of listeners with motivating tips and inspiring words.

March 7th, 2023 marks the one-one year anniversary and, I'm so excited!!!


Over the last year, we have discussed self-love, pivoting, saying no, celebrating the hero in you, financial health, and so much more.

We've also had celebrity guests pop in to drop some gems ~ Travis Greene who touched on divinely, makingstrong Monday moves and staying in your lane; VaShawn Mitchell with how he practices self-care and Lecrae who talked about feeding his soul on Sunday through a sermon, working out and/or taking in some financial or other empowerment knowledge.

Tune in every Monday @ 12:45 pm EST @

Radio Making Moves Monday

First segment of Making Moves Monday w/Taneisha Now on the Jekaylyn Family Affair Show on Praise Atlanta is airing!! Being able to use my voice over the airways to uplift, inspire, and transform minds is a dream come true.❤❤

Tune in

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Making Moves MondayTaneisha
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Making Moves MondayTaneisha
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Grammy nominated artist Jekalyn Carr and Neiko flowers opening their Making Moves Monday celebration gift bags.

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